Havanese dogs are small, affectionate and happy. They're great companions that love being part of a family. These are very social dogs and give lots of attention to those that give attention to them. They're an odorless breed and rarely shed. That makes them very popular with allergy suffering dog lovers.


The energetic nature of the Havanese breed dictates a lot of exercise such as walking, playing or swimming, but they don't need an extreme amount. Apartments and homes with little yards work equally well for these dogs. Since they're so quick at learning tricks, they'll enjoy any of those activities. These are moderately active when indoors, but they do need some toys and socializing so they don't get irritable and bored.


Havanese dogs need combing and brushing at least 2 times weekly, although you can get their coat clipped to make caring for it easier. It's also important to regularly check their ears and eyes as well as keep them clean. They're prone to developing ear infections and genetic eye disease. You'll need to regularly brush their teeth weekly to prevent early tooth loss.


Havanese dogs are truly delightful. They're curious, playful and intelligent. They thrive on human companionship and love children. This breed makes great watch dogs that will alert their family to visitors or danger. They look to their family for a reaction before they welcome strangers. Once they're friends with someone, they're bonded for life.


The Havanese breed has a double coat and is low shedding. Their hair is very long and abundant with a soft texture. Their coats have different types from curly to straight, and come in colors like black, chocolate, silver, pure white, cream and multi-colored. The adult Havanese coat gets to 6 to 8 inches in length.


Havanese dogs are very devoted. They're best when they're with their family and don't like being left alone for very long at a time. They get along great with other pets and children. Havanese dogs aren't timid or aggressive. They also don't have a possessive nature. These little dogs have a very endearing personality and make adoring pets.


Havanese dogs are quite eager to learn. They do really well in both obedience and agility training as well as swimming and other water sports. They love being the center of attention and their quick wit makes it possible to train them easily to do tricks. Their dispositions are sweet and loving, which makes them perfect therapy dogs. Havanese dogs may be hard to housebreak but this is true of many toy breeds. Train them by using fair, firm, loving and consistent guidance.