Irish Red and White Setter

Irish Red and White Setter

Irish Red and White Setter


The Irish Red and White Setter almost became completely extinct in the late 1800's and early 1900's, but a few enthusiasts did their best to keep the line going. Because of those people, this breed has yet again gained popularity as one of the best hunting dogs available.


If you live in an apartment, then you should prepare to take your Irish Red and White Setter out for daily long walks, jogging, or bike rides to keep them active. This breed needs the room to run and hunt, so having a large fenced yard is the best option for keeping this breed.


Daily brushing is required for the Irish Red and White Setter to keep their coats in good condition. As an average shedder, you will need to remove dead hair and keep burrs and tangles out of their coat. You should only bathe them when necessary this includes dry shampooing as well.


The Irish Red and White Setter is a loving and compassionate breed that gets along well with children and other household pets. They are very intelligent, and most find that they are fairly easy to train. Although they are kind and gentle dogs, they can become very destructive if they aren't exercised on a regular basis to tone down that high energy level they always maintain.


The Irish Red and White Setters have a fine coat that is feathered with a slight curviness to it but never curly. They have longer hair on the front legs and chest with a shorter coat on the back and towards the rear of this breed. As the name entails, they are usually white with patches of red mixed in.


A loving breed, the Irish Red and White Setter can be high strung and sensitive to the tone of your voice. If they start to sense that they have a stronger will than their owner, they will tend to try to take over the relationship. So, be firm and authoritative when dealing with this breed. You will need to be calm and confident as well, and make sure the dog follows the rules that you set.


The Irish Red and White Setter requires a strong and confident owner to train them. If the owner is weak willed or submissive in any way, these dogs will take over the training sessions and nothing will get done. They are highly intelligent and love to perform for their trainer. They want to work and will do tracking and hunting routines passionately.