Irish Setter

Irish Setter

Irish Setter


Irish Setter dogs are very intelligent as well as being highly energetic. Simply put, these dogs are full of life. They can be a bit high strung and sensitive, though. They're quite loveable dogs and they love being with people. Words used to describe Irish Setters are giddy, stubborn and jolly. They're beautiful dogs and a joy for anyone to own.


Irish Setter dogs must have regular exercise. They need at least 3 walks daily because they tend to become restless. They shouldn't live in apartments and are happiest when they have access to a medium to large size yard. Country settings are ideal for these dogs.


Irish Setters are average shedders and require combing and brushing daily. This keeps their coat flat and free from tangles or mats. They should only be bathed when absolutely necessary. As they're relatively clean dogs, they don't require a lot of coat maintenance.


Irish Setters are impulsive, energetic and quite lively. They love to run, although they should always be kept securely leashed when outside because they tend to run away and can be hard to catch. They must have consistent and firm training.


The coat of an Irish Setter is of medium length and is feathered and silky. The coat colors are either rich chestnut red, mahogany, minimal white and, possibly, black.


The temperament of an Irish Setter is loving, affectionate and sensitive. They're not recommended for average homes. Since they're quite active, they shouldn't be left alone for very long at a time or they can become destructive. They need to be kept entertained so they can be respectful and well mannered.


Irish Setters are a bit free spirited and stubborn so they need firm handling. They may be a bit hard to train, but with plenty of exercise and consistency, you'll have a happy life with this dog. They do well in activities of hunting and water retrieving.