Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier


Jack Russell Terriers are also known as Parson Jack Russell Terriers. England is their place of origin and they were bred during the 19th century. They were named for the Reverend John Russell, who was an enthusiastic hunter. He was the first to breed these dogs specifically to hunt fox. This breed is very good at digging as well as burrowing into the dens and holes of foxes.


Jack Russell Terriers love exercise. They're quite active when indoors and need constant stimulation. They can easily live in apartments as long as they've given plenty of exercise. They do better with a fenced in yard. If they get bored, they become destructive. Give them long walks and play sessions.


Only minimal grooming is needed for Jack Russell Terriers. Use a firm bristle brush to give them a regular brushing. Only bathe when absolutely necessary. Their nails need to be kept trimmed to prevent issues. They can be over fed easily and tend to gain too much weight. They have some health issues such as epilepsy, deafness, allergies, glaucoma, and skin issues.


Jack Russell Terriers are hardy, sturdy and appear quite robust. They're outgoing and wear a keen expression. Their nature is one of inquisitiveness and they're quite vocal but not yappy. They're fearless and have no idea of just how small they are.


Jack Russell Terriers have a dense double coat in either rough, smooth or broken. The smooth top coat is stiff and short. The rough top coat is longer. The broken type of coat describes dogs with top coats of varying lengths and dogs with longer hair on particular areas of their bodies. Their color is primarily white either black or tan markings. They're constant shedders.


Jack Russell Terriers are very loving and devoted. They're energetic, lively, spirited and amusing. They do quite well with older children that are well behaved, however, if you have children less than 8 years old, you shouldn't have one of these dogs. In addition, they don't typically get on well with other pets. They have a natural hunting instinct that kick starts their aggressiveness. Very intelligent and bold, the courage of these dogs frequently takes them into dangerous situations that often have fatal results. This breed must have an extraordinary amount of attention from humans. They're not meant for two career families.


Training a Jack Russell Terrier can be rather difficult as they're willful and determined. They need consistent and firm handling because they're very easily distracted. They need to know who their master is or they'll try to take charge. If they're socialized at an early age, it can moderately tame their natural aggressiveness. It's highly recommended that they're given obedience training. Their talents are in tracking, agility and hunting.