Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier


The Kerry Blue Terrier is an alert, energetic, playing and boisterous dog. They bring lots of joy into many people's lives. These dogs are great companions and typically do well around other animals when properly introduced. They display protective instincts, which makes them decent watchdogs. They won't attack unless they're provoked, though.


Long walks should be part of the Kerry Blue Terriers routine. However, since they have long coats, you should always have water handy. They can get by with only a little bit of exercise, even if that's just one long walk weekly. They do love going for walks with their companion.


Kerry Blue Terriers need to be groomed every six weeks and require lots of maintenance. Their ears should have any hair plucked frequently since they're prone to dirty ears and ear infections. These dogs shed very little and need to be combed and brushed weekly so that their coat stays free of tangles and silky. They need to be bathed weekly or their beard gets really dirty.


Kerry Blue Terriers love a challenge and obey quickly. They do require training to be done with variety so that they don't get bored. These dogs don't like to roughhouse, but they need to be supervised around small children, especially with children that like to pester. They're friendly with family as well as strangers and will stir things up.


The Kerry Blue Terrier dogs have coats that are dense, wavy and soft. They need a lot of upkeep to ensure that their hair is beautiful. The beard should stay longer and the body hair needs to be trimmed.


The Kerry Blue Terriers can be a bit aggressive and need to be socialized early in life to prevent future issues. These dogs are intelligent and enjoy playing, which will make training them easy. They're rather independent, though, and should be given different activities.


Kerry Blue Terriers are very intelligent and active as well as being eager to please. Training should be conducted with consistency, firmness and a wide variety of techniques in order for the dog to become polite and well-mannered. These dogs must have owners that are firm and confident if they're going to do well in obedience training.