Komondor dogs are protective, self-assured and rather serious. They're gorgeous dogs that love people and are quite affectionate, although they tend to be somewhat cautious with strangers. They do warm up to you rather quickly, though, as soon as they sense that no threat is posed. These dogs are assertive and work as excellent guard dogs for flocks.


Apartment or city living is not recommended for the Komondor. These dogs do better in a country setting. They will, however, do quite well in a home as long as they get plenty of exercise. A large fenced yard is excellent for this purpose. They can become somewhat lazy so you must stay on top of their exercising.


The skin of a Komondor is very sensitive to a particular flea and tick repellent. However, this dog must be treated regularly because their coat is so thick and corded. This makes removing ticks and fleas rather difficult. The hair on their feet needs to be kept trimmed because long hair may grow between the feet's pads.


Komondors are quite protective but calm when they sense there's no danger. They do well with obedience training and are eager to please their master. Because of their protective nature, these dogs need to be socialized at a very young age.


The coat of a Komondor is long, soft and white, and should be corded. In the earlier years of these dogs, this coat helped them to blend in with the sheep they were guarding. This coat should always be natural and heavy.


Very devoted to their family, Komondor dogs are loyal and very loving. They're excellent guardians naturally and this makes them quite good when it comes to being a guard dog. Keep in mind, though, that these same guarding instincts can also turn them aggressive because they tend to protect anything that they believe is theirs.


Komondor dogs are very intelligent but also have a tendency to be independent and somewhat willful. It's for this reason that they need obedience training at a very young age. This should begin as a puppy, where they need to become experienced to new things so they won't become aggressive later.