The Koolie is a breed that is full of energy and stamina. In fact, it has been known that this breed will chase down a rabbit until either the rabbit or the dog itself collapses from sheer exhaustion. Bred as natural herd dogs, the Koolie is perfectly at home on a ranch with livestock that needs to be looked after.


If you are looking for an active breed of dog, then the Koolie is what you should get. This breed requires constant exercise, both mentally and physically. If you are planning on having this breed as a house dog, you are going to be disappointed in your decision. They thrive on work and, if it is not available, then they need multiple running sessions and playtimes throughout the day to remain active and happy.


Although the Koolie is extremely active and athletic, they tend to suffer from joint issues and can have problems with ligaments and cartilage with constant jumping, especially older dogs. They need open space so they can work and play. Without this, they tend to become depressed and somewhat anti-social, even with their family.


The Koolie is one of the most loyal and lovable breeds you can find. They are full of energy and are always willing to do what they need to do in order to please their master. They love their families unlike any other breed and do very well with children, although young children should be watched with this breed as they know nothing of pack mentality, and therefore, the dog will try to herd them if given the chance.


Since the Koolie is an average shedder, you should brush them occasionally to keep the tangles out. They do not need to be bathed too often, and it is best to wait until they absolutely need to be washed. A firm bristle brush for occasional grooming is suggested with this breed.


The Koolie requires constant exercise and mental stimulation so they will not do well stuck in the backyard or inside all the time. They are compassionate and highly intelligent, making them a joy to have as companions. They need wide open spaces and love to herd, work Search and Rescue, and do well in agility based aspects.


When it comes to training a Koolie, you might be surprised at how quickly they pick it up. You should be firm, yet compassionate, while training, and make sure they recognize you as their pack leader. Once you have that recognition, there is nothing this breed won't do to make you happy and proud that they are a part of your family.