Kuvasz dogs are very smart as well as quite loyal and devoted. They also make ideal working dogs. These dogs are extremely protective of their family and their territory. This makes them excellent watchdogs.


Regular, daily exercise is needed for the Kuvasz dogs. They tend to bore easily and will get destructive unless they're kept entertainment. That's why they always need room to run. They need access to at least a medium size securely fenced yard.


The Kuvasz breed needs to be brushed regularly completely down to their undercoat. This removes excess hair during shedding as well as keeping the hair from matting. These dogs are best suited for colder climates both physically and mentally. When living in warmer climates, they tend to shed a lot year round, but in cooler climates the shedding is seasonal.


The Kuvasz are wary of strangers therefore, they need to be socialized thoroughly and at an early age to prevent aggressiveness and shyness. These are very obedient dogs and they will protect their family regardless of the circumstances.


Kuvasz have a very durable double coat. The top coat should always be moderately coarse and never smooth. Their undercoat is soft, fine and silky in texture. They may have either a wavy or straight coat.


Kuvasz dogs have been known to do herding jobs so they do have a protective instinct. They're not the right dog for the average family, but they do get on well with children as long as they have supervision. These dogs are very affectionate and gentle with their family.


Kuvasz dogs are naturally quite intelligent and obedient. In training, they need a firm handler that uses gentle training methods because they're very sensitive to voice tones. These dogs do quite well in obedience and herding.