Labradoodle dogs were created by crossing the Standard Poodle with the Yellow and/or Black Labradors. They were created to be companions and they have become quite popular as family pets. These dogs make excellent companions.


Regular exercise is needed by the Labradoodle so they need at least a safely fenced medium size yard to run and play. They love taking long walks with their owner as well as a good run. Labradoodles make great companions for owners that love the outdoors as they love hikes as long as they have enough water provided. They need at least 2 hours of exercise each day because they're a large breed with the energetic qualities of the Labrador.


Labradoodles need to be brushed regularly so their coat won't tangle or mat. These dogs have minimal shedding so they need to be clipped at least once annually. However, depending on their bloodlines, they may shed some. Proper research should be done if allergy sufferers are planning to get a Labradoodle to make sure they're “hypo-allergenic.”


Labradoodles possess a keen intelligence that makes them very intuitive and highly trainable. They're also quite energetic. These dogs are excellent companions and, with the proper training, they're also great service dogs. They're quite popular in normal home environments, and carry the characteristics from both the Poodle and the Labrador.


The Labradoodle can have a wooly and curly coat while also showing many Labrador characteristics. Brush their coats regularly to keep shedding to a minimum. The muzzle area needs to be cleaned regularly so that all dirt or caking is removed.


Labradoodle dogs have loyal, friendly and energetic temperaments, which has made them quite popular. They make ideal watchdogs and get on well with children when they've been socialized properly. The Poodle temperament may linger in this dog that can cause future issues. Labradoodles should get on well with other dogs when they have been socialized well and have grown up with them from the time they were puppies. Their tendencies are unknown regarding smaller animals.


The keen intelligence of the Labradoodle makes them highly trainable. They perform well in agility sports. Training techniques should be regularly changed so that training is kept fun and the dogs are kept interested. The Labradoodles are typically easy to housebreak with consistent training.