Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo


The Lagotto Romagnolo got their start in Italy. They were used as hunters and water retrievers. It's believed that these dogs are where all water dogs came from. Their most unique trait is that they're the only purebred dog worldwide that search for the edible fungi, Truffles.


Lagotto Romagnolo dogs shouldn't live in apartments or be owned by sedentary people. They need a lot of exercise as well as mental stimulation. These dogs are happiest living in the country where they can run and play. They also like to have a job to do. If they get bored or lonely, they'll start destroying things. They like digging so you need to watch your landscaping. These dogs do best in agility, obedience and tracking.


Lagotto Romagnolo dogs must be combed daily to keep their coat from matting and tangling. They also need a professional coat clipping twice yearly. Only bathe them when absolutely necessary. Health concerns with these dogs are cerebral anomaly and hip dysplasia, but these are rather rare occurrences.


The Lagotto Romagnolos are small to medium sized dogs. They're stocky, energetic, and well-built. They have superior scenting abilities. The expression they display is one of intelligence, attentiveness and gentleness.


The coat of Lagotto Romagnolo dogs is wooly, curly and thick. These dogs shed little to none and are believed to be hypoallergenic.


Lagotto Romagnolos are affectionate and loyal, which makes them an ideal family companion. These dogs get on well with other dogs and pets that they've been socialized well with. They also get along fine with children and attach themselves closely to their family and home. These dogs are very good at warning their family of danger and visitors.


Lagotta Romagnolos are very smart and enthusiastic learners. They should be socialized early in life as well as receive obedience training. Heavy-handed or harsh techniques should never be used to train these dogs as they won't respond. You must use fairness, positive reinforcement, consistency and patience.