Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier


Lakeland Terrier dogs are very affectionate and cheerful, which make them perfect as family pets. These dogs are quite alert, very courageous and a bit independent. However, they're not recommended for inexperienced owners because they're prone to developing behavioral issues if they don't have experienced training.


Most terriers are very energetic and lively and Lakeland Terriers are no exception. They do well with access to at least a small to medium size yard but they'll be fine with one as long as they get enough exercise. These dogs do very well with agility and love going for walks and brisk runs.


Lakeland Terriers are light shedders but still must have regular grooming. At least 3 times yearly, a professional should hand pluck their hair. Any hair inside their ears needs to also be plucked. In addition, their beards need to be cleaned regularly.


Lakeland Terriers can be cautious with strangers but they get along with other dogs as well cats as long as they're socialized well when they're very young. These dogs love to chase anything that moves so never let them off of their leash unless they're in a securely fenced yard.


Because Lakeland Terriers have such a thick double coat, grooming can be time consuming. They have a top coat that has a hard and wiry texture. The under coat should lie close to their body and feel soft.


Lakeland Terrier dogs are full of energy, spunk, and happiness. They do exceptionally great with children. They do need firm training as they're so feisty and mischievous. They love digging and tend to guard things that they feel belongs to them. These dogs are also barkers.


Lakeland Terriers are very energetic so they respond best to having a variety of methods when it comes to training. They can also be a bit hard to housebreak. These dogs must have obedience training in order to have good manners. Their training should be conducted with firmness.