Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso


Lhasa Apso dogs were started in Tibet. At first, these dogs were bred only by nobles and holy men. They were believed to be good luck and were treated as sacred. This is why they were put into service as watchdogs for monasteries for more than 2,000 years. These are very intelligent dogs that also have acute hearing and a keen instinct.


Lhasa Apso dogs love playing games indoors and are rather rambunctious. This meets most of their exercise requirements. They also like to go outside for daily walks. These dogs aren't meant to live outside so they don't need a yard. This is an ideal apartment dog.


Daily brushing is required to keep away mats and tangles on your Lhasa Apso. If they have a long coat, they must have very high maintenance. These dogs can be bathed or dry shampooed regularly or as needed. They tend to develop eye problems and ear infections, so they must be checked and cleaned regularly. Health concerns with these dogs include skin issues if parasites aren't kept away and kidney disease, which is their most serious health issue.


Vigorous and hardy, Lhasa Apso dogs are suspicious and wary of strangers. They're also quite dignified and comedic. These dogs are one of the most loving breeds around as their main job is to be a good companion.


Lhasa Apso dogs have a heavy double coat that drapes over their entire body. This long coat is the insulation barrier that keeps them cool during the summer and warm during the winter. This coat can grow all the way to the floor, also covering their eyes, which have long eyelashes. Their coat's texture is neither silky nor soft. The coat colors include smoke, gold, slate and parti. They're average shedders.


Lhasa Apso dogs are dual tempered. They're very affectionate and diligent in showing their devotion and love. On the other hand, they've got a very independent mind and want their way with everything. These dogs are spirited and lively with a touch of spontaneous happiness. Families with small or ill-mannered children shouldn't adopt these dogs. They're ideal watchdogs due to their exceptional hearing. Lhasa Apso dogs like being an only pet and need lots of attention. They don't like being alone for a long time and shouldn't be owned by a two career family. If they're surprised or angered, they may bite.


Lhasa Apso dogs are generally a bit obstinate and arrogant. Since they can be hard to housetrain, the crate method is probably best. They must receive intense socialization and obedience at a very young age. These dogs also need assertive, firm and consistent commands. They respond most positively to rewards and praise. If they're not trained early in life to know who their master is, they will take charge.