Llewellin Setter

Llewellin Setter

Llewellin Setter


The Llewellin Setter is a calm and compassionate breed that loves all the attention you can give him. They become inactive while indoors, but are full of aspirations when outside. They love long brisk walks and are very good at digging and jumping. A large fenced yard is needed to give them the outdoors time they need to be happy.


The Llewellin Setter needs daily walks and playtime or they can become difficult to live with. If left for long periods inside they can become depressed and destructive at the same time. They do this in order to get some kind of attention, even if it is negative for them. The best thing is to have an average to large yard they can run around in when not out on their walks.


You should not keep a Llewellin Setter indoors all of his life. This breed needs to have the freedom to get outside and play to maintain their active mindset. Apartment living is not good for this breed, even if you have a local park close by. They need to be able to run in a fenced in backyard, even with daily walks or jogging.


The Llewellin Setter is a very mild mannered breed that does very well with other dogs and small children. They love attention and crave affection unlike any other breed. They are easy to get along with if trained properly, but can have a strong will with owners that are meek or timid towards the nature of the pack mentality.


The Llewellin Setter has a soft medium length coat that needs regular brushing and grooming to maintain good health. You should check for burrs and tangles on a regular basis as well, especially when shedding. You will need to trim their nails and clip the hair on the feet regularly as well, and bathing should only be done when needed.


The Llewellin Setter will show you from day one how much they love you. Give them the affection and attention they crave and you will have one of the most loyal and loving companions you could ever have imagined. They love to play and dig in the back yard so keep that in mind when deciding to purchase a breed such as this. Daily exercise is needed to maintain their enthusiastic amount of happiness.


The Llewellin Setter is fairly easy to train, especially if you give him the attention he craves when he is doing well. You need to remain firm yet calm with this breed at an early age to teach them who the leader is, but harsh tones and gestures will make them turn submissive which is not good for this breed.