The origin of the Lurcher was 1600s Ireland. These dogs are hybrids, or crossbreeds, that were initially between a Greyhound and a Collie. They were bred for hunting, speed, tenacity and intelligence. They were also originally called the poacher's dog because they hunt quietly and never bark. Their coat is wiry and they have an athletic build.


Lurchers have lots of energy and don't do well in city or apartment living. They need to be walked at least once daily and should have access to a safely fenced yard where they can run and play. They're very fast and will chase small game and kill it. For that reason, as well as to protect them from being hit by a vehicle, be sure the area is securely fenced or that the dog is leashed.


Whether your Lurcher is has long hair or short hair, they need to brushed and combed on regular basis. With Lurchers, there are average shedders as well as constant shedders.


Lurchers have a wonderful temperament, showing calmness, affection, gentleness and loyalty. These dogs are the perfect family pets as well as companion dogs. Lurchers connect strongly with their family and owners. They must have human company and should not be left outdoors. This can make them destructive and disobedient. They must be part of the family.


The type of coat that a Lurcher has will depend on what crosses were involved. The types range from slightly long and thick, like a boxer, to smooth and short like the coat of a Greyhound, to extremely broken and rough.


The Lurcher is a good natured dog that enjoys following his master. These dogs are great with children and love to be outdoors walking and running. They're eager to please and will follow their master unless they spot a smaller animal, which may make them give chase. These dogs also get on well with other dogs.


Lurchers need to have proper socialization early in life. They have a natural instinct to chase prey and need to know that this isn't acceptable when it comes to the family pet. As this dog was bred specifically to hunt small animals, he can be trained to follow and obey many commands. Now, if you want to get a Lurcher due to its sporting ability, then you'll want to take training in another direction. These are very trainable dogs and they excel in obedience, racing and agility.