The Maltipoo is the result of crossing the Poodle and the Maltese. They're often called a “designer dog” and are quite popular as both companion and therapy dogs. It is their sweet disposition that makes them such people friendly dogs. It's also this same factor that keeps them from being good watchdogs.


Apartment and city dwelling works just fine for Maltipoo dogs. This breed thrives on interacting with humans and they love walks on secure leash. They also enjoy playing independently in a safely fenced yard.


Maltipoo dogs must be brushed daily if they have long coats. If their coat is curly, they must have professional clipping performed. Only bathe these dogs when absolutely necessary and a mild shampoo should be used. Health concerns include such things as skin disorders and eye issues.


The Maltipoo dog is sporty and well-proportioned. They also sport a lively and cheerful expression on their face. These dogs are alert, agile, and active.


Maltipoo dogs have coats that may be straight, long, curly or slightly wavy in appearance. It is for this reason that they must have a daily brushing to keep their coat looking clean and healthy.


Maltipoo dogs are very loyal, loving and affectionate. They fit best in homes that house older children. Typically, they get on well with other dogs, cats and various household pets. These dogs are very sweet and friendly, however, they aren't good candidates for a watchdog.


The Maltipoo can tend to be a bit stubborn, but they're also very intelligent and have an eagerness to please their owner. They won't respond to heavy handed or harsh tactics in training. Successful training of the Maltipoo must be conducted with patience, fairness, consistency, firmness and rewards.