McNab dogs originated in California. They were bred by Alexander McNab, a Scotsman. These dogs are very popular due to their versatility. They're also excellent protectors, enthusiastic hunting companions and forceful stock dogs. The McNabs are very rare and relatively unheard of. They're bred only for function and not appearance.


McNab dogs need lots of physical exercise as well as mental stimulation. These dogs MUST be given a job to do. They shouldn't live in the city or apartments. These are dogs made for country living where they have plenty of room to run, roam and work.


McNabs must be brushed regularly in order to get rid of dead and loose hair. Only bathe these dogs when it's absolutely needed. There are no known healthy concerns with these dogs.


The McNabs have a very unique feature in their feet. These are very “cat-like” in nature and it allows them to have extreme agility. They're medium size dogs that are very well-built, hard-working and athletic.


The McNab's coat is short and smooth. It's never long, or never should be long. They do need to be brushed regularly to keep dead and loose hair under control. Only bathe them when it's absolutely necessary.


McNabs are very friendly, loyal and well-mannered. They're devoted companions and tend to form close bonds with only one specific member of their family. These dogs are very distrustful of stray animals and strangers, and are quite protective when it comes to their family, territory and property. They get on well with children, other dogs, cats and household pets that they grew up with.


McNabs must be socialized early in their lives as well as be trained in obedience. These dogs are intelligent and they love to please. However, they don't respond to heavy handed or harsh training methods. Training has to be conducted with patience, firmness, consistency and fairness.