The origin of the Mi-Ki dog breed is quite mysterious. To this day, there are various theories and myths surrounding exactly how this unique dog was created. The originator of the Mi-Ki dogs was Maureen “Micky” Macklin, who was a highly respected breeder. However, a lot of her notes were private so there are still many conflicting stories. In spite of the many different stories regarding the origin, it's certain that Mi-Ki dogs possess a loving nature, incredible disposition and a distinct look.


Mi-Kis need low to moderate amounts of exercise, which makes them acceptable for apartment living. A daily walk on a leash should be fine for them along with plenty of attention when indoors.


Mi-Ki dogs need to be brushed and combed at least once a week. This will remove dead or excess hair. Only bathe them when absolutely necessary.


The Mi-Ki dogs are quite friendly and alert toy dogs that adapt easily. They usually like all animals including other dogs, horses and cats. Mi-Kis accept and like people of all ages. They don't bark excessively so they're great for apartment dwelling. These dogs make excellent traveling companions and are quite intelligent as well as extremely affectionate and loving. They are ideal companions.


Mi-Kis have two types of coat. These are the long coat and the smooth coat. They come in many different colors, although solid coat colors make those Mi-Kis rare and prized highly.


Mi-Ki dogs are have a sweet nature, are calm, rarely bark, and are very friendly. They adore children and adjust to their surroundings with ease.


Sweet natured and eager to please, Mi-Kis are very intelligent and train easily. The perfect time to start training them is when they are about three months old. From three months to four months old, the Mi-Ki needs to be taught how to walk with a loose lead, stay when instructed, and come when they are called. Training methods with this dog should include lots of encouragement and praise. They will take to training very easily when these techniques are used.