Miniature Australian Shepherd

Miniature Australian Shepherd

Miniature Australian Shepherd


The Miniature Australian Shepherd dog was created directly from the Australian Shepherd, and is a relatively new dog breed. These dogs originated in the United States and are becoming quite popular due to their strong work ethic and compact size. They're highly effective for herding.


Miniature Australian Shepherd dogs must have lots of stimulation and exercise. They're really happy when they have a job to perform. These dogs get bored easily and if they're left by themselves for too long, they get destructive and high strung. They love family play time, long daily walks, and a safely fenced yard to run freely in. Miniature Australian Shepherd dogs do fine with apartment living as long as they get plenty of exercise and entertainment.


Grooming a Miniature Australian Shepherd dog is relatively simple. They only need brushing occasionally using a firm bristle brush. Only bathe them when necessary. Health concerns with this breed include deafness, blindness, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, and eye disorders.


Miniature Australian Shepherds are commonly called Mini Aussies. They're medium size, hardy and sturdy dogs. They have good balance, are very agile, strong and have good stamina. This is a highly intelligent, extremely versatile, excellent companion as well as being a great guardian and farm worker.


Miniature Australian Shepherds are double coat dogs. Their weather resistant top coat is straight or slightly wavy and of moderate length. Their undercoat is dense and short. Hair found on their head, outside of the ears, and front of their forelegs is smooth and short. The back of their forelegs has feathered hair. This breed's coat colors are blue or red merle and red or black tri-color. They all have markings in white or tan. This dog is an average shedder.


Miniature Australian Shepherd dogs are affectionate, easy going, and very loyal. They're also playful, alert and lively. This is a naturally protective and deeply devoted breed that gets on well with older children. Their strong enthusiasm and herding instincts make them best in homes where there aren't any young children. While not usually aggressive with other dogs, they're cautious with strangers, warning their family of unusual noises or danger.


The Miniature Australian Shepherd dogs must have socialization and obedience very early in life. These dogs learn quickly and training them is easy. However, don't expect them to respond positively to harsh methods. They do best when training is conducted with consistency, fairness, firmness, positive reinforcement and rewards. This breed excels in herding, Frisbee, agility, fly-ball, and conformation. They also make ideal therapy dogs.