Miniature Bull Terrier

Miniature Bull Terrier

Miniature Bull Terrier


Miniature Bull Terriers is the result of crossing the Old English Terrier, Bulldog and little Spanish Pointer. The standard of this breed has its origins in 1830. They were used to attack bulls in sport combat. In 1850, the White Cavalier replaced them and they've been used in various services since then. This breed has been in service as guard dogs, herders, watchdogs and ratters. They excel in all of these things. The Miniature Bull Terrier has all of the identical origins that the standard breed has, but they were deliberately created to be a smaller size.


Miniature Bull Terriers are rather active dogs and should have a securely fenced yard to play in. They like to go for a daily walk or jog with their owner. These dogs should always be exercised for about one hour every day so they'll stay active and healthy. This also keeps them from destroying things.


Miniature Bull Terriers are shorthaired dogs and therefore don't require regular grooming. They do just fine with combing and brushing on occasion to remove loose hair. To keep them clean, wipe them down using a damp cloth. Check and clean their ears regularly and clip their nails at least once every couple of weeks. If you get a special rubber glove and use this to rub them down, it will take care of most grooming needs.


Miniature Bull Terrier dogs have fiery personalities and are quite feisty little dogs. They're very protective of their owner and their territory and will appear brave and fearless in the face of danger. These dogs must always be with experienced handlers since they're very protective. Miniature Bull Terriers must always have dominant owners since their protectiveness can turn into aggressiveness later in their life if not dealt with early on.


Miniature Bull Terriers have coats that are quite flat and short. Their coat is supposed to feel harsh when touched and always be shiny in appearance. These dogs should always have a very tight and close lying coat. Their skin should also be constantly tight without any sagging skin or wrinkles.


Miniature Bull Terrier dogs are friendly, lively and protective but can be a handful at times. They shouldn't be left around small children unsupervised. These dogs get on well with other pets as long as they've been properly socialized, although they do need to be watched with smaller animals. Miniature Bull Terriers can be a bit combative with unfamiliar animals.


Miniature Bull Terrier dogs can be hard to train so they must have an experienced trainer. These dogs can be dominant and willful, which can make training them quite difficult. Their handler has to be consistent, firm and always the dominant one if problems are to be avoided. These little dogs can be extremely stubborn so they must have obedience training very early in life so that future training will be a bit easier.