Mountain View Cur

Mountain View Cur

Mountain View Cur


Mountain View Cur dogs are often called the “pioneer dogs of the Southern Mountains.” They're considered to be quite versatile and have an intense traditional background. These dogs are well respected because of their talents as protectors, hunters, farm workers and guardians.


Mountain Cur dogs shouldn't live in apartments or in the city. They need an extraordinary amount of physical exercise so they need to be somewhere that they can get that. They're best suited to a rural setting with lots of room to safely run about. They also like to have jobs to do.


Mountain Cur dogs need to be brushed occasionally in order to remove dead or loose hair. Only bathe them when it's absolutely necessary. Use only a mild shampoo when you do bathe them as their skin irritates quite easily. There aren't any known genetic health concerns with these dogs.


Mountain Cur dogs are stocky, muscular and rugged. They also have a square build and are quite fearless. Their unique qualities include expressive eyes, impressive stamina and high agility.


Mountain Curs have double coats. Their top coat is short and might be smooth or rough in texture. They have an under coat that is dense, soft and fine.


The breed of Mountain Cur dogs make ideal hunting companions with regards to game of all sizes. They possess a rather rough nature that makes them more suitable to homes that don't have children. Mountain Curs don't get on with other dogs and shouldn't be in homes that have non-canine pets. This breed is quite suspicious and wary of strangers. They also won't hesitate to protect their property and family.


The Mountain Cur breed is intelligent but they're not submissive. Usually, they only respond to their hunting master. These dogs must be thoroughly socialized at a very young age and also require basic obedience training. Don't use heavy handed or harsh methods when training these dogs. They won't respond to them. Conduct training with fairness, consistency, patience and firmness.