Native American Indian Dog

Native American Indian Dog

Native American Indian Dog


The Native American Indian Dog was once thought to be extinct. They're descendants of the dogs that once dwelled with the American Indians for many centuries. They were versatile and an all-purpose helper for their tribe. These dogs hunted, guarded and pulled sleds. Today, they're rare and amazing companions.


Native American Indian Dogs need a moderate amount of exercise. They must have a long, brisk walk daily or a daily jog. They also need access to a large fenced yard to run and play. These dogs have various energy levels but typically don't do well with apartment living. They like being outdoors, your couch, your bed or wherever you happen to be.


Grooming a Native American Indian Dog is simple. Even though they have a thick and fluffy coat, they only need to be brushed once weekly to keep the coat in good condition. These dogs are heavy shedders in the fall and spring. During these times, they'll need to be groomed more frequently. Professional grooming and trims aren't needed. Neither are frequent baths because these dogs have no odor.


Native American Indian Dogs don't trust strangers and are quite territorial, but they're not vicious. They're tolerant of other dogs and family pets, and are known for their protective instinct. Actually, the Indian tribes used these dogs to baby sit children when their parents had to be away hunting or collecting food. They're intelligent, playful, loyal and devoted to their family. These dogs are excellent companions and get on well with older children. They're also eager to please and are obedient. Even though they're not aggressive, these dogs will protect their master if needed. They're not suitable for all households.


The inner hair coat of the Native American Indian Dog sheds once annually during the spring. If you brush their coat when they're going through shedding, it will cut down on the amount of excess hair that collects in your house.


Native American Indian Dogs are very loyal to their families and will protect them as needed. If they're socialized at an early age, they won't be shy with strangers, but they're completely devoted to their owners. They get on well with children as well as other dogs and household pets. These are very versatile dogs and can take on many jobs.


The Native American Indian Dog is highly intelligent and eager to please, which makes them very trainable. They need to be socialized at an early age to keep them from being shy around strangers, but are highly devoted to their owners. These are sensitive dogs that can be trained with firmness but they won't respond to harsh and heavy handed methods.