Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier


Originating in England, the Norfolk Terrier is a loveable and strong breed. They're also one of the smallest in the working Terrier group. These are affectionate dogs that aren't either nervous or disagreeable. They're closely related to Norwich Terrier dogs. The biggest difference between them is in the shape of their ears.


Norfolk Terriers adore playing and adventure. They like going on vigorous walks, swimming, and short jogs as long as they're securely leashed. These dogs love running and playing in a fenced yard and with their family. If they're left alone too long they'll get bored and start destroying things. They can adjust to living in an apartment as long as they get plenty of stimulation and exercise.


Norfolk Terriers must be brushed daily. They don't shed so grooming with a professional is needed twice yearly to strip their coat. Then their new weatherproof coat can emerge. This weatherproof coat is very important. A huge health concern for Norfolk Terriers is a heart abnormality that's genetic and life threatening. Other issues include hip dysplasia, patella luxation, and genetic eye issues.


Norfolk Terriers are curious, busy, compact and strong. They're also not afraid of things but they're not aggressive. They have a carriage that displays self-confidence and importance. They're loyal, gregarious and seem to always be moving.


The Norfolk Terrier's coat is a protective and weatherproof one that's broken, wiry and harsh. The top coat lies flat and close to the body. The underneath coat has a soft texture. Coat colors include wheaten, black, tan and red. These dogs are non-shedding.


Norfolk Terriers are always ready to play and they love children. Typically, they get on well with other dogs and cats, but they might see small pets as prey. Sometimes they may be jealous. These friendly companions love being part of a family. They're sensitive and might be stubborn. Norfolk Terriers are tireless and relentless workers and highly spirited. They make great watchdogs and will bark to alert to danger or visitors.


Norfolk Terriers can be hard to housetrain so crate training is the best method. Training should be conducted with firmness, consistency, and fairness. They love to please and learn quickly. These dogs excel in learning and performing tricks, obedience and agility.