Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier


Norwich Terriers originated during the 19th century in Great Britain. They're one of the smallest of the Terrier breed. These dogs are strong, compact and low. They were bred to specifically hunt rabbits and hares in small groups. This may be why they're more social than other Terrier breeds.


Norwich Terriers are high energy dogs and love to go walking or on short jogs. They must always stay securely leashed. Their sense of direction is faulty and they'll go running after anything that seems like prey to them. These dogs are true companions and are happier when with their family indoors. Don't leave these dogs alone for a long time or they'll bark and dig. This breed adapts well to apartment living as long as they get enough exercise.


The coat of a Norwich Terrier is simple to look after. Just be sure to brush and comb it daily. Only minimal clipping is needed and they don't need to be bathed unless totally necessary. Even then, most of the time they just need a dry shampoo. Give them special attention when they're shedding. Their coat may need to be stripped professionally twice annually. This is a strong breed but they might have back issues and genetic eye disease.


Norwich Terrier dogs are active, bold, curious and loyal. They're pretty rugged, high spirited and very loving. They're also assertive and fearless but never irritable or aggressive. These dogs love and must have companionship.


The top coat of a Norwich Terrier is straight, wiry and hard, lying close to their body. Their under coat is thick, which makes them nearly weather proof. The coat colors include red, black and tan, and wheaten. This is a low shedding breed.


Norwich Terriers are highly intelligent. They do prefer the company of humans and get along quite well with children that behave, but they also get on well with other dogs. Cats, however, they may see as prey unless they're introduced to them very early in life. These dogs need early socialization and exposure or they might be timid and cautious in unfamiliar circumstances. Norwich Terriers love being the center of attention. They're also little busybodies that must be part of all things going on around them.


In training, Norwich Terriers learn fast but at times can be quite independent. They might also display stubbornness and can be hard to housetrain. These dogs do best with firm guidance and consistent rules. They love learning tricks if they have the right motivation. Obedience training needs to be conducted.