Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers were bred initially to be able to stand icy water. They love to swim, are devoted, loyal and make exceptional companions. These dogs will bark and alert but not all the time. As they're very clever dogs, they'll need an experienced owner.


One of the most favorite activities of the Nova Scotia Tolling Retriever is playing fetch. This keeps him properly exercised and happy. These dogs do best when they have access to a securely fenced yard where they can run and play.


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers have a double coat that needs to be brushed completely down to their undercoat. This makes sure that the coat stays smooth and healthy. Don't bathe these dogs regularly or the oils will be removed from both their coat and skin. This oil is what makes it water resistant. When you must bathe them, you should use dry shampoo.


Since Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are hard-working and playful, they love having a job to do. Their favorite game is playing catch and they will do this for hours on end. These are very happy dogs that are great with children as well as with other pets. As they have tons of energy, they need plenty of exercise.


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers have a water resistant double coat that is capable of handling extreme temperatures. Their coat is medium long and soft. Their undercoat is dense and soft. They have feathering on their hindquarters.


Many people feel that Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers have the same sweet temperament of Golden Retrievers, however the Toller, as they're often called, can be suspicious of strangers and animals not known to them. They will, however, tolerate playing with children and do well with other pets when they've been socialized properly.


Nova Scotia Tolling Retrievers are high energy dogs. They must have all kinds of entertainment and fun along with consistent training. In order to train successfully, there must be a variety of methods used to keep their attention. Their best areas are retrieving and obedience.