Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog


Old English Sheepdogs are highly adaptable dogs as well as being intelligent, gentle and friendly. They have herding instincts but are also rather lazy. These dogs make excellent companions for families as their wonderful personalities are sure to win you over. They're very protective when it comes to their family and territory but they're not usually made into guard dogs or watch dogs. They're just too affectionate for that.


Even though the Old English Sheepdog is happiest with at least a medium size yard, they don't absolutely need one as long as they get plenty of exercise. They love long brisk walks and nice runs because they were made for working. Always keep enough water available to these dogs because their long coats can make them over heat quickly.


The coat of the Old English Sheepdog needs to be brushed all the way to the under coat so mats and tangles won't develop. If the coat is regularly combed, the coat will stay soft and free of tangles. This breed are heavy shedders in the warmer months so if they're not show dogs, they can be clipped professionally. There will be some necessary trimming.


The Old English Sheepdog is a very faithful and even tempered breed. They fit in perfectly with family environments, but they do tend to bump into people and push them because they're trying to herd family members, although this is typically harmless. They can, however, be trained not to do this. This breed are like adorable teddy bears and make great companions for children.


Old English Sheepdogs have a long double coat. The top coat will be harsh, coarse and wiry, with an under coat of downy softness and waves. Their coat should appear somewhat fluffy and appear that the dog is overweight.


Old English Sheepdogs are neither shy nor aggressive, and are ideal for family life. They have an even temperament and do quite well when working or herding. Since they have natural herding instincts, they're exceptionally happy in the country. They're sweet and protective of their family.


Old English Sheepdogs are the ideal herders and highly intelligent. They require a firm trainer because they can be stubborn and independent. Training should be conducted by using a variety of techniques because these dogs will do things the way they want. If a wide range of methods is used, these dogs will stay alert and interested.