Otterhound dogs are dependable, loyal, bold and sweet. They make ideal companions to children. While they do tend to chase animals smaller than them, they do very well with family cats and get along great with other dogs. Otterhounds are typically friendly with all people.


Since Otterhounds need lots of exercise, they do best with access to a large yard. They love to run and swim and daily exercise is required. They enjoy daily long walks on a secure leash.


Otterhounds should be brushed at least once a week, although twice weekly makes their coat less prone to matting. If you're brushing your Otterhound to show, then he shouldn't have his coat clipped because he should have a coat that appears natural. Do wash the beard frequently to prevent the collecting of debris and caking.


Otterhound dogs are very happy, jolly and cheerful, which makes them such a joy to be with. These intelligent and friendly dogs can also be independent and willful and that can sometimes make training a little hard.


Otterhound dogs have a double coat. Their top coat should be coarse, dense, crisp and rough, which gives these dogs a shaggy look. The undercoat is typically wooly and soft.


The Otterhound makes an excellent house pet as they get along quite well with people as well as other animals. Since they're so very friendly with everyone, even strangers, they don't make effective watch or guard dogs. They do, however, love to bay and will alert to the smallest of noises.


The Otterhounds are rather independent and willful. Therefore, patience is very important when training this very friendly dog. These dogs usually don't take well to firm training, but success can be attained when using patient and softer techniques.