Patterdale Terrier

Patterdale Terrier

Patterdale Terrier


Patterdale Terriers, also known as the “Black Fell Terrier” don't have as much energy as other terriers, but they're still very lively. These dogs were initially bred to hunt or catch rats, so they still have those particular instincts. That's why they're not meant for the average family.


Patterdale Terrier dogs need regular exercise and should always have access to a fenced in yard. If they're left unsupervised in the yard, they're capable of digging under the fence. Be sure that the fence is firmly in the ground as well as high enough that he can't jump over it.


Patterdale Terrier dogs have a short coat so they don't need a lot of grooming to keep them looking great. Just use a rubber or firm bristle brush to remove loose hair. Since they love to dig, be sure to clean their feet before they come inside.


Patterdale Terrier dogs are hunting companions and don't get on well with small animals. This is a challenging breed that chase any animals so if you don't want a dog that you'll constantly have to keep under control, don't get one of these. These dogs love to dig and run after anything that moves.


Patterdale Terrier dogs are usually have a black coat that is short and broken. Their coat should always stay coarse. You can also find these dogs that have a wiry coat.


Patterdale Terriers are loyal, eager to please, and intelligent. They have a strong hunting instinct that constantly leads them away. They must always be securely leashed or kept in a fenced area because these dogs can be hard to catch once they take off running. They're quite independent, but can also be very affectionate.


Patterdale Terriers aren't the easiest dogs to train. They have a short attention span and if they get the chance, they'll run at the barest movement. These dogs need an experienced and firm handler if they're going to be trained properly.