Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound


Pharaoh Hounds are well behaved, pleasant and naturally intelligent. They have a very unique and adorable ability that other dogs don't have. When they get excited, they blush. These dogs shouldn't be in a home that also has non-canine pets because they're hunters and like chasing things.


If you leave your Pharaoh Hound outside for long periods of time, be sure to protect him from cold weather. These dogs do best when living in warmer climates. They can live just fine in cooler climates, though, as long as they're well protected. These dogs possess a strong hunting instinct so they must be housed with tall fences that aren't easy to climb or jump over.


Use a rubber brush to remove any dead and loose hair from the coat of your Pharaoh Hound. This is an average shedding dog and doesn't need to be bathed regularly. Just bathe only when needed. Since this is a very well kept and clean dog, grooming is rather easy.


Pharaoh Hounds are quiet, independent and cheerful. They get on well with children, which makes them great household pets for children to grow up with. These dogs are cautious with strangers but get acquainted quickly. They're a bit timid and need to be thoroughly socialized early in life.


Pharaoh Hounds are athletic and beautiful dogs that have a short coat only needing minimal grooming. Their short and shiny coat lies close to their body. The coat of these dogs is somewhat weather resistant.


The Pharaoh Hound does well with obedience and running, and needs to always be a companion dog. They don't handle kennel life well and need to be near their owner. They're active but also calm and collected sometimes. This makes them perfect to be in a home with children. However, you should be sure they're properly trained.


Training with Pharaoh Hounds should be conducted with gentleness and consistency, as they can be quite sensitive to any harshness in your voice. These dogs are prone to being timid so the trainer needs to be well experienced in working with them. Otherwise, they may frighten the dogs. The Pharaoh Hound is quite smart and does well in obedience.