Plot Hound

Plot Hound

Plot Hound


The Plott Hound is an American breed of dog that was given their name for the family that first bred them. They originated in the Appalachian Mountains. These dogs are very popular hunters of wolf, bear, raccoon, and wildcat. It's quite rare to find them beyond the Southern states, and they aren't meant to be only pets.


Plott Hounds should not have a sedentary owner or live in an apartment. They're happiest when they're outdoors and living in the country with access to a large fenced yard or simply plenty of room to run and play. They need lots of exercise and like having a job to do.


The Plott Hound dog only needs minimal grooming. An occasional brushing and bathing is all they need to stay healthy and shiny. However, it's important to regularly check their ears and paw pads as they can pick up debris after they hunt. Health concerns for the Plott Hound are gastric torsion and bloating.


Plott Hounds are muscular, athletic and powerful. They have agility, endurance, bravery and stamina. When they're hunting, they're confident, aggressive, alert and determined.


The coat on a Plott Hound is thick, shiny, fine, smooth and weather resistant. Some of them may have double coats that are long, stiff and smooth on the top coat, and short, soft and thick on the underside.


Plott Hound dogs are loyal, friendly and enthusiastic. When hunting, they're extremely driven and intense. These dogs get on well with children and other pets. They do tend to be cautious of strangers and will defend their family and property against people or animals they perceive as threats. Plott Hounds have a baying bark that sounds threatening.


Plott Hounds need to be properly socialized while still very young as well as receive obedience training. These dogs are very intelligent, eager to please and they learn quickly. Training must be conducted with fairness, consistency and firmness if it's to be successful.