The Pointer is a breed known to have natural hunting instincts, and if taken early on in life and trained for tracking, they can make excellent hunting companions. They love being out in the open, as well as interacting with humans and other dogs. This is a friendly dog that does best when loved and cared for.


Pointers are extensively active. They are made for hunting, tracking, running, jumping, and playing, and they seek this kind of activity often. That's why it's best to keep this kind of breed in a wide open space outdoors with plenty of toys. They can be kept inside, though, if you temper their stamina.


Pointer hounds are often a very clean breed, so their requirements for cleaning and grooming are quite minimal. If you'd like to help with their hygiene, a bath about twice a year should suffice, as well as the occasional brushing with a strong wire brush. It will help with the shedding.


Pointers typically crave attention in kind of a mellow way however, if they are not socialized with others at a very young age, they can become nervous in the company of others. These dogs need to be taken early in their lives and trained from a puppy. Pointer dogs are impressively friendly animals when raised properly.


The Pointer dog breed has a very short coat of hair. It is often thick, but is still very smooth. Their coat is one of the easiest to groom as it requires very little maintenance. There is a normal degree of shedding, but nothing that can't be maintained with a good brushing.


Pointer dogs are very neutral in attitude, but they show a fair appreciation for human attention. This breed of hound can make for a very loyal companion. They can be trained as watchdogs and will defend their owners. They are not overly protective, but they can be taught to be a good guardian.


Pointers get worse at paying attention with age, so if you are to train these dogs for a specific task, you will want to start them off early. You must be a firm handler to gain their full attention and keep it. Do not slack off on training at all.