Pomeranian puppies are a good addition for most homes. As long as they are treated with good manners, respect, and plenty of love, they will make for lovely, devoted, and adoring pets. They can get along well with other dogs if you maintain patience when introducing them to fellow pets.


Pomeranian dogs like activity as much as any other dog, but they don't pursue it as often and can become lazy if not given a decent amount of stuff to do. This can make them bored, unhappy, and much less friendly. It's best to take them on short walks, or let them play inside.


Pomeranians need to be groomed regularly, as their coats are easy to mangle, but they also need to have their teeth cleaned. This breed of dog is especially prone to tooth loss and poor gum health, so be sure to take extra care of their teeth and gums, as well as their coat.


The Pomeranian pooch is a rather small dog with lots of fluffy fur. They make wonderfully loyal companions that are devoted to those they consider family. They are very intelligent and loving and easy to get along with for most people. They have a big curiosity about most things.


A Pomeranian dog has a double coat. They have two fluffy, soft, and long layers of fur, and both need to be tended to during brushing to ensure less loose hair. Brush their coats thoroughly, but only once a week, as too much brushing can cause damage to their coat.


Pomeranian dogs are confident in demeanor and very devoted to their family. They are inclined to become very temperamental when they, or a member of their family is threatened in some way, or they sense any kind of danger. It is best to keep them away from ill-behaved children and adults.


With training Pomeranian pups, all you will need is to handle them firmly. Let them know that you are the leader of the pack, and they will follow your instructions. The first thing you will want to train them on is controlling their barking. Otherwise, there will be constant barking fits.