There are a few different types of Poodle breeds in the world. There is the Standard poodle, the Miniature poodle, and the Toy poodle. The Poodle, in general, is actually quite good at learning how to do many different tricks performed by dogs. They are particularly good at fetching and running.


Poodles can be quite active. They enjoy things like play time with their family, nice long walks, and even swimming. If they are given a good amount of exercise and time outdoors, they will be wonderfully domestic in the home, which is great for apartment tenants and those renting their home.


A Poodle’s care consists mostly of grooming. Since their coats are so wild and fluffy, it is vital for the dog to be professionally groomed and trimmed every couple of months, along with regular brushing. This dog can be susceptible to illnesses like cataracts, skin disorders, heart disease, and diabetes. Take preventative measures against these.


Poodles are dignified and graceful dogs. They carry themselves with a sense of liveliness and happiness. They are a friendly breed, for the most part, though they are sometimes prone to barking fits. They are easily identified by their extremely long and poufy fur. Most Poodles are associated with people of a high class.


The very beautiful Poodle breed has wild fur that tends to be very dense and curl. It can come in a variety of vibrant colors, and at times, even mixed colors. With their massive amount of fur, the poodle sheds a surprisingly small amount, but it's because most of the fur gets stuck in other fur.


Poodles tend to do very well in most families. They are devoted and get attached to their owners. They will sometimes get too attached, leading to barking fits upon departure, and great excitement upon return. They are loyal and friendly to just about everyone, but are sensitive to their owner's likes and dislikes.


It's best to start early in training Poodles, but it's entirely possible to train them in adult hood. These dogs have a temperament that is eager to do right by their owners. They will obey who they consider to be their master, and is good for show dog routines. Treat them with respect, and they will obey.