Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog


The reason that the Portuguese Water Dog is so named is because they have been a useful aid to many fishermen in catching fish. On top of that, this dog also makes an excellent herder, and most are known to love water and be great swimmers. They used to deliver messages between ships.


For activities, Portuguese Water Dogs enjoy nice jogs some swimming exercises. They can be just as active indoors as they are outdoors, though it is preferred for them to have a little room to roam around outside. They are active, but usually very well behaved, so you won't have to worry so much about indoor destruction.


Portuguese Water Dogs present their primary care concern in the form of their thick and long haired coat. It is easily matted and needs a lot of care to make sure it isn't riddled with burrs or tangles. Aside from grooming, there aren't many specific health risks for this dog breed.


The Portuguese Water Dog has a very think and often curly coat. They are about a medium size, and are shaggy looking. They like being around water, and are very active and fun puppies. Being alert, they make very good watchdogs. They are friendly if socialized as a puppy if not, they can be rather reserved.


Due to the immense thickness of the Portuguese Water Dog’s coat, there is minimal shedding. However, it is still recommended to brush or comb out their fur every now and then to help prevent matting and tangles, or find things that can get stuck in their fur. Their coat is also somewhat resistant to water.


The Portuguese Water Dog typically has a temperament that is fun and friendly. When they are raised properly, they can be quite polite to strangers, as well as other dogs. This dog is very protective of the ones they care about, and will become territorial around animals that may try to get their owner's attention.


You must be firm with the Portuguese Water Dog while training, but not too intimidating. Scaring this dog will accomplish nothing. If you maintain the gentleness of an iron fist in a velvet glove, you will find your dog to be fantastically obedient. They are great to train, and they learn easily.