Presa Canario

Presa Canario

Presa Canario


The Presa Canario is also known as the Canary Dog, and is quite large in size. This breed of dog first appeared during the 1800s, and was bred specifically for dog fighting. Nowadays, it can be appreciated as another breed of dog that is loved and cared for like any other.


The Presa Canario dogs are energetic, and do well in securely fenced in outdoor areas. They love to run, so, if you are to walk them, be sure you have full control of them. A muzzle is preferable, as well as a tight leash to ensure there is no biting, chasing, or scratching of others.


For hygiene, the Presa Canario dogs fair well with a simple dry shampoo application when needed, and an occasional brushing. Health problems that this breed may have to be wary of include hip dysplasia, eyelid issues, and demodex mange. It is advised to take preventative measures against these before they get a chance to develop.


The Presa Canario dog is rather large in size, and has a great muscular build. As this breed was initially intended for dog fighting, they are quite strong by nature. They often have aggressive attitudes because of their history, and can be very unpleasant towards strangers. They tend to prefer the company of their own human family.


The coat on the Presa Canario is short, but very smooth. The fur is thin, but strong. This breed sheds normally like any other dog, so it is a good idea to maintain their coat with regular grooming from a sturdy wire brush. Their coats are often either black or brown.


The Presa Canario type of dog requires a firm and dominant dog owner. When they are taught to respect their owners, they will be extremely loyal and protective. Though these dogs can make for excellent guards of the home, it is not recommended to keep them around children or other small pets.


To train the Presa Canario dogs, you must train them from the time they are puppies. Training them as adults can be nearly impossible. If you get one as a puppy, you must be firm with him and socialize him constantly. Be sure that he knows even though you're in charge, the respect is mutual.