The Puli dog, also known as the Pulik, is a well-tempered dog that can do very well in a home environment without small children. Traced back to Hungary, they were commonly used as sheep herders. They were preferred among other sheep dogs as they tend to stand out in a herd of sheep.


The Puli dog breed loves to play, particularly running around in a wide open space and exploring broad areas. Walking this dog should be fine though, as they are obedient and are not likely to misbehave. They love to run more than anything, so if you can keep up, try that.


The main issue of care with the Puli dog is their coat. Grooming habits can be rough, so it's advised for the inexperienced to seek a professional grooming for the Puli pup. Brushing will be needless, as their fur remains in tight coils. Brushing their coat would more than likely only hurt them.


The Puli, despite their somewhat large and bulky appearance, is actually quite agile. This makes this kind of dog a favorite in dog shows and in dog work, such as guarding farm animals from other animal predators. Their movement is light and quick. They’re an obedient breed with a good temperament.


Puli dogs have a thick and long coat. Their colors vary from black to white, but they tend to remain one solid color. Their grooming is high maintenance, and not for the inexperienced to attempt. Take your Puli to a professional for his grooming needs. After bathing, be sure to blow dry their coat with cold air.


If socialized as a puppy, the Puli are good with other pets as well as people. Their nature is inclined to be happy and friendly, unless they are picked at or bullied by children that don't know any better. They do well around more mature children that won't pull on their fur and be rough.


The Puli is a very intelligent breed of dog, and one that is very obedient. They love to make their owner proud, so they will be easier to train than a lot of other breeds. This is especially true if you catch this dog young and can train him from a puppy. They can be wonderful show dogs.