Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier


Rat Terriers were originally bred with Smooth Fox and Manchester terriers. Since then, they have been bred with a couple of other breeds of dog, but have remained basically the same. They are valued for their speed and agility, as well as their superb hunting abilities. These dogs make exceptional watch dogs.


A very energetic breed of dog, the Rat Terrier does well in a small yard or pen that they are free to run around in. It is hard for most owners of this breed to keep up with their constant need for exercise, so it is a good idea to let them just wear themselves out.


To properly care for Rat Terriers is actually quite simple. Simply brush them with a rubber brush every once in a while, bathe them every 6 weeks or so, and be sure to keep them warm during Winter, as their coats tend to be rather smooth and thin. This breed is more susceptible to the cold.


Rat Terriers are quick little dogs that are filled with spunk and a lively attitude. They usually pick just one person as their owner, rather than a family, and are fully devoted to them. This tiny dog can cause quite a mess in the house, though, if left alone for too long.


The Rat Terrier's body is covered with a very short coat. This can make grooming very easy, but also makes them more likely to catch colds or be affected by cold weather. It's a good idea to wash their coat about every 2 months, and make sure they are warm enough on colder days.


The Rat Terrier dogs have a brave attitude and are quick to bark when they sense someone nearby. They make for very good alert dogs, but can be a bit annoying if the barking isn't controlled early on. Otherwise, they are loving and hyper. They are quick to snap if startled, so try not to surprise them.


Training a Rat Terrier is no walk in the park. They have a strong mind and a defiant personality, which will make it very difficult for inexperienced or lenient trainers to work with them. It is best that they have a firm handler that knows what they are doing, and they should be trained young.