The Russkiy Toy dog breed was originated in Russia from the English Toy Terrier. This breed was originally intended to be a watchdog and a rat fighting dog. In modern days, it can now easily blend in with a typical family setting, and become a friendly addition to any home.


The Russkiy Toys like hunting for small game, but will more often prefer more leisurely activities, such as walking. They can also be very good at fetching, and if trained early, can be good at obedience sports, so long as you can keep things fun. This dog likes to please their owner.


Russkiy toys need to be treated delicately. They have small body frames that can be more susceptible to fractures than bigger and more muscular dogs. These dogs can also be at a higher risk of patellar luxation, which is a disconnection of the knee cap. If treated as fragile, they should be fine, though.


The Russkiy Toy dogs are known to be friendly, active, and adoring. They love being with their family, and can be protective of them if they are approached by other dogs. They are petite with large eyes, and can have either long or short fur. They can also be recognized by their bark.


Russkiy Toys can have either a short or long coat. Their fur is typically soft, and shedding is average, and can be aided with an occasional brushing. Baths should be given to the dog only when necessary. These dogs rarely get all that dirty, though, as they are more often kept inside.


Russkiy Toys are very cheerful little dogs. They are quite friendly and are most often open to meeting new people. Their bark, however, can get annoying sometimes. They are active and always on the alert, so when they notice someone new or hear something odd, they let everyone know about it.


Russkiy Toys have a good spirit for learning, but may be hard to train due to a difficult attention span. They should be okay to learn house breaking, but tricks may take more effort. Their natural abilities are fairly admirable, though, as they are quick predators to small rodents. These are great dogs for those with mice problems.