The Saluki is an ancient breed of dog with origins in the Middle East. They're believed to be among the oldest pure dogs worldwide and continue to be greatly revered. These dogs were the cherished and honored companions to members of the Egyptian nobility. As part of the hound breed, these dogs hunt using their sight rather than their scent.


Salukis are very high energy dogs and natural athletes, so they must have lots of exercise. They don't do well with apartment living and must have plenty of outdoor space to run in. Their yard area must have a high and secure fence. These dogs must get plenty of stimulation or they'll get bored and start digging. Always securely leash the Saluki before taking him on a walk. The biggest concern with these dogs is getting hit by a vehicle. Their hunting instinct can make them chase anything they see as prey. These dogs can reach running speeds as high as 50 mph and, while in a full run, they won't listen to their master.


Salukis have easily cared for coats. They need brushing and combing on occasion, especially on the areas of feathering. You must regularly inspect and clean their ears. Some Salukis can be finicky eaters and will refuse meals. Even though they eat smaller meals, you need to alert your veterinarian to any appetite loss that goes on for longer than 48 hours. These dogs don't tolerate any type of anesthetic. Health concerns for these dogs are skin issues, hip dysplasia, cataracts, and bloating.


Salukis are gentle, affectionate and sensitive dogs. They're very calm and friendly companions and quite devoted to their family. These dogs are agile, very fast, and move gracefully. They're curious dogs and have a wonderful sense of humor. These traits are also combined with a strong instinct to hunt.


Salukis have 2 varieties of coats. They can be smooth or feathered coats. In either one, it's a close and short coat. Feathered Salukis have flowing silky hair on their ears, legs, under their tail, backs of their thighs and stern. Their coat comes in many colors. These include cream, golden, white, black, tan, fawn and red. The coats can also be a tri-color of white, tan, and black. These dogs shed only minimally and have no odor.


Saluki dogs are very smart and inventive. They're very loyal and can attach themselves to one particular member of the family. These dogs love being around older children and might become too protective of them. They're standoffish with strangers and don't do well with other dogs or pets. They'll only bark if there's a reason to. Salukis aren't meant to be outdoor dogs and they're much happier living inside with their family. In fact, they connect so strongly to their family that it's not unusual for them to suffer depression and separation anxiety if they're left alone for too long.


The Saluki needs to be properly socialized early in life as well as receive obedience training. They have a strong hunting instinct that cannot be discouraged, nor should it be. These dogs learn quickly but don't take to repetitive training methods. They like short sessions that are varied. They won't respond to harshness. Instead, kindness, consistency and love must be used to train these dogs.