The breed of Samoyed puppies is regarded as an intelligent breed, one that is kind and sociable. They are not recommended as guard or watch dogs, because they are of a naturally friendly nature, and do not often want to harm others or challenge them. However, they can bark up quite a storm.


Considering that the Samoyed is a wooly dog breed, they can sometimes overheat during extensive exercise and play. They are still very active, though, and they enjoy playing and walking, however, you will want to put time aside to make sure that they can take a quick break and rehydrate themselves.


To care for Samoyeds, most attention is focused towards their coat. They are not excessive shedders, but can shed a lot more during Winter months. During this time period, you should be sure to brush them more often to ensure that loose hairs are caught beforehand. Outside of Winter, regular brushing is still recommended.


The Samoyed is a breed of dog that has a very peaceful personality. They’re active and like to bark a lot at times, but are really good for a family household. They’re great with kids, and get along well with other dogs and even cats. This is a white and fluffy dog with a great attitude.


Samoyeds have a double coat. Both layers are relatively soft, but the outer layer is somewhat rougher. The color of these dogs is almost always white or a slight variation, such as a cream color. Their grooming requirements are somewhat demanding, as they can shed often if not brushed regularly.


Samoyeds are a loyal and friendly pet. They devote themselves to their owners or family and strive to make them happy and stay with them. They are a constant companion, and they love to play. They get along with most other dogs of the same size, cats, and children.


The Samoyed dog breed can learn best from strong and persistent trainers. They have an intelligent, but willful mind that will interfere with most trainers of a more lenient nature. They also fair well if the trainer is consistent with one lesson, but able to change the presentation of it. Samoyed dogs bore easily.