The Schipperke is a dog with rough fur, but a soft and affectionate personality, at least towards those they recognize as family. They have an alert nature that makes them bark towards unrecognized company. But when tempered, their loyalty and devotion to their owner can make them an excellent pet.


The Schipperke is very active and loves to run freely and play around. Walks can be difficult, as this is a dog that may fight the leash and nearly drag you in any direction he pleases. It is good to give this dog a large and safe space to run in.


The Schipperke is a relatively healthy breed on their own, and is rather clean. Their coat will need some maintenance during periods of shedding, but simply brushing the dog should do. Their fur is almost sharp like and is very thick. Dry shampooing normally does the trick for cleaning this dog breed.


The Schipperke breed is one of a very average intellect, but they can be consistently trained to be a more well behaved dog. They are black dogs of a medium size that are visibly alert. They can be friendly to strangers when socialized and trained, but they are naturally inclined to bark at unfamiliar people.


The fur of the Schipperke is somewhat harsh in texture and straight. They are not shedders most of the time, but there are 3 periods in the year where they will shed their undercoat, and they will shed heavily. During this period, it will be a nice idea to aid your dog in shedding by brushing it out.


The Schipperke dog is extremely loving to his family, and will protect them from any and all beings that they view as threats. They are energetic and alert, so they will really enjoy playing and running around. They do well as indoor dogs, but must be trained as soon as possible.


Schipperke dogs need a firm trainer and consistent training. Their intelligence does not excel like other breeds, so they must be worked often and with routine familiarity. This may be hard with their short attention span, but given that you reward them, and can change the scenario without changing the trick, this dog can learn.