Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound


Scottish Deerhounds are very loveable, gentle, and friendly, even though they can appear somewhat intimidating. They're best described as a gentleman, but are also very willful and quite hard to train. These dogs shouldn't live in homes that have non-canine pets.


The Scottish Deerhound loves to jog, which is a good thing because they require lots of exercise. These dogs fit in well with home environments but must have daily exercise. They're happiest when they at least have access to a large fenced yard. They love running and make great jogging or running partners.


Scottish Deerhounds have wiry coats that must be brushed on occasion to keep shedding minimal. These dogs are usually average shedders. Loose and dead hair must be plucked by a professional groomer. They also need to be professionally trimmed. Overall, this is an easy dog to care for.


The Scottish Deerhound is loving, loyal, quiet, and devoted with a wonderful personality. They're brave and friendly, and get on well with children. However, they're slow learners and must be trained using consistency.


The Scottish Deerhound coat should be wiry, harsh, crisp, ragged, and thick. The hair should always lie close to the body. It's this coat that gives the Scottish Deerhound his shaggy and unkempt look.


Scottish Deerhounds are large dogs that get on quite well with small children as well as other animals. These dogs are tolerant and quiet, and make a great companion for children. However, they don't get on well with animals smaller than they are. They must be properly socialized when very young.


Scottish Deerhounds are slow learners and don't do very well in obedience. They're easy to housetrain, though. Obedience classes need to be started when they're still very young puppies in order to ward off future issues. If training isn't started early enough, it will never be successful with these dogs.