Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier


The Scottish Terrier, as its name entails, is from Scotland. This is a small dog, but one that is quite muscular. They are joyous pets and loyal companions. They make for good family dogs, but are territorial towards other animals. They will protect their owner with great courage when needed.


The Scottish Terrier is one dog that is a fan of long walks rather than short ones. They need a lot of physical stimulation to keep up with their active lifestyle. These dogs can get disturbed if kept inside for long periods without something to do, this can cause them to become destructive.


One thing that a Scottish Terrier can't stand is fleas. Fleas cause skin irritation to the dog due to scratching and itching. This dog is also at a higher than normal risk of bladder cancer, so be sure to keep an eye out for any warning signs, and visit the vet if anything becomes abnormal.


The Scottish Terrier is a bold breed with strict limits on who they deem family. They are picky with who they like, and will not show a pleasant demeanor towards strangers. To their owners, however, they are strong allies and care much about their owner's safety. This is a smart breed with a strong mind.


Scottish Terriers have coats that are pretty coarse, and typically have long hair. Their undercoat is made of dense fur, but is much softer then the overcoat. Their fur is normally either black, or a shade of brown. These dogs are never white in color. Shedding for this type is of a low percentage.


Temperament: The temperament of the Scottish Terrier is one of strong willed defiance. They are bold, and will do what they please. They are also very territorial, so when their area is crossed by another, human or otherwise, they will not take to it kindly. What's theirs is not to be shared.


The best way to Scottish Terriers is from a puppy. The natural instincts of this breed are to be suspicious, aggressive, and territorial. But if they are properly handled and socialized at an early age, then they can have almost a complete turnaround from their original personality.