Sealyham Terrier

Sealyham Terrier

Sealyham Terrier


Sealyham Terriers originated in the mid-19th century in Wales. They were bred as brave sporting dogs with the ability to get rid of vermin. This is a rather rare breed and isn't seen very often in the United States. These dogs are loved by all that meet them and are considered to be one of the calmest of the terrier breed.


Sealyham Terriers need a moderate amount of exercise. They really like going on securely leashed walks, as well as joining in on family play sessions and activities. These dogs do well in apartment and condominium living, but also love the country.


Professional trimming and stripping is required of the Sealyham Terriers coat. They must be brushed at least twice a week to keep tangles away. Only bathe when absolutely needed using a mild shampoo. You can dry shampoo them as needed. Sealyham Terriers do best in cooler climates and have few health concerns. They are, however, prone to deafness, allergic to fleas and can have some skin sensitivities.


Sealyham Terrier dogs are muscular and hardy. They're charming, proud, compact, lively, vigorous, brave, and have an energetic nature. These dogs make fun companions and they offer a deep devotion to their owner.


The coat of Sealyham Terriers is a water proof double coat. It's coarse, straight and harsh. The top coat is wiry and hard with an under coat that's dense and soft. They have an all-white coat that may have some markings of tan, badger or lemon on the ears and head. This is a very light shedder.


Sealyham Terriers are very affectionate and highly intelligent. They're very loyal, spirited and independent. These dogs aren't rambunctious like most of the terrier breed. They do well with older, well behaved children but are a bit wary of strangers. Usually, they get on well with other dogs that they're acquainted with, but they can be aggressive with strange dogs. These are very vocal dogs, which makes them ideal watchdogs. They love being an important member of their family.


Sealyham Terriers tend to be hard to train. They're fast learners and might try to undermine the authority of their master. They need to be properly socialized at an early age as well as receive obedience training. These dogs respond to training conducted with fairness, firmness and consistency. They like exercises in agility and participate enthusiastically in activities.