Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky


Siberian Husky puppies are infamously used as sled dogs. They are most common in Alaska, and fair greatly against cold weather. Siberian huskies are a strong breed and make for very loyal companions. They are perfectly friendly and welcoming of most people. They are truly great pets, and are very sociable.


The Siberian Husky breed is born to be active. One of their most favorite activities is simply running for long periods of time. They can become bored if neglected and may be tempted to cause damage to surrounding objects or property, so be sure to give them toys to keep them occupied.


The Siberian Husky rarely has to worry about hygiene issues. They are a very clean breed by nature, and do not usually have any kind foul odor. This breed can be more at risk of skin allergies than other breeds, so be careful when bathing not to irritate the skin.


The size of Siberian Husky dogs is above average, and they are often very strong and muscular. They are faithful companions, and make for wonderfully skilled watch dogs and sports dogs. These dogs are trusting companions, so long as they are not neglected by their owner. They need a good deal of attention to retain a positive attitude.


The fur of a Siberian Husky is not short and not long. It is an average length and it made of two layers. The undercoat is smoother than the other. The coat above being more coarse. These coats are designed to handle temperatures that drop below freezing, and are not suited for hot weather at all.


Siberian Huskies are a gentle dog breed, and one that is highly intelligent. They favor colder weather and can become miserable in warmer temperatures. They are diligent workers and do what they can to make their master proud. They have a strong mind and will, but are one of the sweetest dog breeds around.


If you can remember to be patient and fair with the Siberian Husky in training, you can be a very successful trainer. Show them the efforts of their trained deeds. They will develop an understanding of a task before attempting to perform it properly. If trained early, they respond much better.