Silky Terrier

Silky Terrier

Silky Terrier


The Australian bred Silky Terrier dogs don't grow to be very big at all. This is an impulsive dog that likes to explore and have fun. They are extremely active and adventurous, but can still be good obedience class dogs if trained properly. Their hair is long and their nature is mischievous.


The Silky Terrier is a small dog that, like most other terriers, is loaded with energy like a little lightning bolt. They need a lot of exercise, as they greatly enjoy running around and having play time. Be sure they are secured wherever they go, as they are prone to adventure and may try to escape.


The Silky Terrier can be at a higher risk of epilepsy, as most smaller dogs seem to be. So be careful with this dog around things that may trigger an epileptic episode if you aren't sure if they have it or not. Also, be sure to visit your vet for a checkup for them.


The Silky Terrier dogs are small and hairy companions with an active body and mind. They are loyal to their owner, but have a somewhat rebellious streak that can, at times, make them rather hard to handle. They can be good watchdogs, if the owner isn't too bothered by high pitched barking.


The coat of the Silky Terrier may look dirty due to its natural coloring of a bluish color and a brown color, but these dogs are actually rather clean. They often don't have a smell, and their fur offers no shedding problem. Their fur feels somewhat like hair, and they require daily brushing time.


Silky Terrier dogs are typically people friendly. They enjoy human attention and affection, but can feel competitive with other animals. They may have a knack for bullying cats, and they are usually displeased with the presence of other dogs in their territory. They can become aggressive if not socialized at an early age.


When training a Silky Terrier, be sure that you are firm, but gentle. This dog has a delicate build and can be more at risk of injury than other dogs with stronger builds. Treat them fairly during training, but use love and praise with your reward. They respond well to positive attention.