Slovensky Cuvac

Slovensky Cuvac

Slovensky Cuvac


The Slovensky Cuvac, also known as the Slovak Cuvac, has been used throughout time as a herding dog. It is capable of herding many different types of cattle including sheep and cows. They are an intelligent and dutiful breed that is very loyal to their owner. This is a brave dog and a great hunting companion.


Slovensky Cuvacs are appreciative of work and activity. They are built for guarding and hunting, and can use these as fulfilling exercises. They like to run and explore, but will be mostly tame if let outdoors, though it is still best to accompany them. These dogs love playing and walking around outside.


The Slovensky Cuvac breed is fairly healthy. They have a strong and durable body that defends against most illnesses. The main issue of their health concerns their grooming, which isn't really all that troublesome. During the months of Spring, this dog will shed heavily, getting rid of their Winter coat. Bathe and brush often during this period.


Slovensky Cuvacs can grow to be quite large in size. Their bodies are firm and muscular, and their attitudes are prideful and dignified. They are quick hounds, as well. They are immensely fast for their large builds that, paired with an alert watchfulness, makes them excellent herding dogs and watchdogs.


The coat of the Slovensky Cuvac is always a white color. It scarcely poses an issue in terms of shedding until it gets time for this breed to shed their Winter coat. During that period, grooming is required frequently to lessen loose hairs and shedding. Semi-regular grooming helps their coat outside of that shedding period.


The temperament of the Slovensky Cuvac breed is one that is lively by nature, but one that is purposeful. They are friendly, but somewhat indifferent. They are alert most times, however, and always have their minds detecting for danger. They are fiercely brave and loyal, and will not hesitate to protect their owner.


As with any other dog, the Slovensky Cuvac are easiest to train when they are puppies. Their natures never get very defiant, but they can learn a lot more at an early age. They can learn to be sensational cattle herders or watch dogs, and they can also do amazingly well with guard work.