Smooth Fox Terrier

Smooth Fox Terrier

Smooth Fox Terrier


The Smooth Fox Terrier is considered to be one of the oldest Terriers in the world. They was used in the past to rid people of rat problems, and also used to hunt foxes. Their small builds are more muscular than they appear, and their lithe bodies make for quick runners.


Smooth Fox Terriers are not only active, but also mentally active. Whenever you are offering this dog some kind of play time, make sure that it is not a repetitive kind of play, and that you aren't being lazy. These dogs go all out on play time, so you need to keep up.


The Smooth Fox Terrier may be slightly prone to deafness, so treat their ears with care. Try to keep them away from loud noises, like gunfire on hunting trips. If they are brought along, you can try to either distance them, or fit them with ear muffs. Take precautions against this.


The build of the Smooth Fox Terrier is one of a small, but capable runner and hunter. The predominately white coat, mixed with other colors that vary from red to brown is smooth and beautiful. These dogs are smart and brave. They are fearless hunting dogs and equally fearless house pets or watch dogs.


A normal shedder, the soft and white fur of the Smooth Fox Terriers offers them full body coverage. It's good to groom them every once in a while. They will need a professional stripping of the coat about 2 times a year. Other than that, their coats remain fairly clean, and they don't often need baths unless they are dirtied.


This hyperactive breed, Smooth Fox Terriers need an owner that can keep up. They are devoted companions to their master, but they need lots of attention and love. More than that, they also need lots of activity. They love to play and run, and these dogs will not do well if they are kept inside for long periods.


In the early years of development, to have a well behaved dog for later in life, you will need to train and socialize the Smooth Fox Terrier. It's not advisable to slack off during this time period, as they need to get used to the introduction of new people and animals or end up being unruly hosts.