South African Boerboel

South African Boerboel

South African Boerboel


The South African Boerboel dog breed has been around for centuries. They are a naturally aggressive dog that has been used for guarding people and protecting them and their homes. Though they were initially bred in Africa, their breed has been delivered to other overseas locations. They are quite large in size.


South African Boerboel dogs are not made well for indoor living. If the house is spacious, then perhaps, but apartments and small dwellings won't do. They need space to feel comfortable. They do well with play times, if they are well trained and their owners are mature and show respect.


Since the South African Boerboel breed is so large, the only thing that will have to really be tempered is their heart as it can suffer more stress because of the dog's size. Other than that, this dog has a very healthy constitution. Their bodies are strong and durable, and they will never go down without a fight.


South African Boerboel dogs possess a powerful body and a powerful mind. It can be a sometimes lethal combination if bred poorly to be mean and aggressive. If tempered, however, it can use those strong attributes to become a fierce companion and protective ally. They can understand their owner's emotions to a degree.


The South African Boerboels are average shedding dogs have a short and easily manageable coat. It is soft and requires hardly any real maintenance or grooming. Brushing every once in a while is normally enough to suffice their hygiene requirements. They need only be bathed when necessary. They can be a yellow, orange, or brown color.


The massive size and powerful body of the South African Boerboel dogs can be intimidating to those that don't understand them. They are not a recommended breed for first time trainers. They need to be raised up from puppies. This breed, when raised properly, is a dutiful ally that relates emotionally to their owners.


The South African Boerboel breed, during training and their lives, must feel respected to even begin to think about obeying commands. Their will is strong, so they must be trained in obedience early on. The trainer should exhibit strength and fairness. Discipline is the key to effective training, but they will not listen well if they are mistreated.