Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water Dog


The Spanish Water dog has been used throughout time as an effective sheep herder, as well as a fisherman's aid in catching fish. They hail from Spain, but have since found their way around the world. They are athletic and shaggy dogs that are purposeful and loyal to their owners.


Spanish Water Dogs, if used for herding or a kind of hunting accomplice, will typically get their exercise from there, but they also enjoy going for walks or having play time with their owners. These dogs have an active nature, so they may be hard to ignore even after play time.


The average life expectancy for the Spanish Water dog is about 14 years. They are a relatively healthy breed, but can be somewhat more susceptible than other dogs to things such as cataracts or endocrine pancreatic insufficiency. These things should be guarded against to decrease the dog's likeliness of catching these things.


The Spanish Water Dogs are of medium size, athletic and covered with a wooly coat. Their coats will always contain white fur, whether it is fully white or it is mixed with another color such as brown or black. They are quick and curious dogs that are somewhat reserved in the presence of strangers.


Due to the plentiful nature of the Spanish Water Dog’s coat, they are sometimes prone to matting of the fur. That's why their coats must be regularly brushed unless, however, matting has already occurred you will need to delicately pull apart the fur. If that is unsuccessful, you may have to shear the coat.


Spanish Water Dogs are born with the natural inclination to herd and to protect. They are energetic, and can get much enjoyment out of their herding responsibilities. They can be trained as a puppy to be more comfortable in dealing with people and other animals. Otherwise, they are devoted and loving pets.


The training for Spanish Water Dogs is best advised for a young age. Most of their skills are known naturally, but their manners and attitude need to be whipped into shape by a fair minded trainer. They should be socialized with other people and animals so they won't come to fear them.