Spinone Italiano

Spinone Italiano

Spinone Italiano


The Spinone Italiano is a rare find in the United States. They’re originally an Italian dog, and is found mostly in certain areas of Europe. They are great swimmers, and they are also great for hunting. They make splendid retriever dogs and are often quite skilled in a game of fetch.


The Spinone Italiano breed can range from being active and hyper to being more relaxed. Walking is always a good idea for exercise of either type of energy level. Just be sure that you bring a leash for them. They are also good swimmers, so that may be another way for them to get some good exercise.


The Spinone Italiano sometimes has a problem with bloating, and after meals, may feel somewhat uneasy. It would be a good idea to take them in for a vet check-up because they can sometimes be prone to abdominal abnormalities. Other than digestive issues, the only other concern is their coats.


Spinone Italiano dogs are bigger than average in size, and have a thick coat of fur. Their bodies are strong and well built, and they make very loving canine companions. Spinone Italiano dogs are affectionate pets and will treat their masters kindly. They are supplied with great stamina and are good hunters.


The coats of the Spinone Italiano always include a hint of white, and if not fully white, may contain brown or black colors. Their coats are resistant to water and the fur was thick. Their coats sometimes form the look of a long mustache on the face. Brushing is recommended as is bathing them when necessary.


Spinone Italiano dogs are emotionally needy of their masters and don't do well if left alone. They don't like to be exiled and can become anxious and scared if they are neglected for too long. They can do very well with children if the children are respectful of the animal and handle him maturely.


The minds of the Spinone Italiano are sharp and will catch on to training quickly. They are strong willed and will more often than not want to do things their own way. So they may very well perform the trick you ask, but they will likely find their own way to do it.